The Electoral Reform Society of SA is the South Australian Branch of the Proportional Representation Society of Australia (www.prsa.org.au).

The Society promotes the Hare Clark quota preferential method of proportional representation (Quota preferential is also known as single transferable vote or STV). Many electoral systems have major flaws, which can result in apparently democratic elections having very undemocratic outcomes. While no electoral system is perfect, Hare Clark is free from these major flaws and has a great deal to commend it. It is a fair and practical way to implement representative democracy in organisations ranging from small local clubs to large countries and international organisations.

For the past 75 years the Electoral Reform Society of South Australia has been committed to establishing fairer elections in South Australia, elections where voters can be assured of recieving what they voted for. To do this it is essential that we have a system of Proportional Representation using the Single Transferable Vote method for all elections.

While it is true that in Australia;

  • All Adults have the right to vote
  • Voting is by secret ballot
  • Care is taken to keep electoral rolls accurate
  • There is provision for postal and absentee voting
  • Arrangements for recording and counting votes are excellent

We also find that;

  • Most elections leave many people unrepresented
  • Some votes help elect candidates, others have no effect and are wasted
  • Parties supported by only a minority of voters can win majorities of seats

The way to fix this is to have a system of proportional representation for all elections in our state.


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